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Consultants Eliminate Haggling, Hard Sells & Hassles from Buying a Car

Never Again Will You Have to Make Deals With a Car Dealer!

Studio City, CA (September 2001) - Buying a car can be a dreadful experience. You walk into a dealership, ready for battle. You get a hard sell (whether you know it or not) from a dealer working to meet a quota. You spend hours in negotiations. And in the end, it could all be for nothing: no fair price, no added features, and no new car...just a feeling of frustration. But Ignition Auto Consulting, LLC has eliminated all that stress for its clients, leaving them with the pure joy of driving a new car...the exact car they wanted.

Ignition Auto Consulting, LLC has become known for catering to Hollywood's elite. But all of its clients, including those who are not rich or famous, feel like they are. Everyone gets personalized attention and VIP treatment. It's all thanks to one very impressive woman named Robin Spector. The Founder/President/CEO of Ignition Auto, Spector does much more than deal with car dealers. She and her staff handle every aspect of buying and owning a car...from getting the best price, to taking care of the financing, to helping maintain the car long after it?s bought. This is a "service" unlike any typical car broker. It caters to those who want to out-source their lives, who don?t have the time or inclination to deal with the hassles and stresses of car ownership.

Ignition Auto truly is a consulting firm. They help clients determine the best vehicle for their financial and family situation...whether new or used, an SUV or a sports car, leased or bought. They offer safety reports, inform clients about the latest trends, and teach them the benefits of different financing options. Then Ignition consultants get the best deal possible on the model, year, features, and even color a client has selected. That's because they deal so frequently with car dealers, buying vehicles at high volume and through fleet departments, that Ignition, consultants get the best possible price. Still, Spector takes pride in the fact that, "We get no money from the dealership or manufacturer, so there?s no incentive to push our clients into buying any one product. We are working only for the best interest of our clients."

If the client has an old car to get rid of, Ignition takes care of that too. In the case of a lease return, they know what repairs (if any) should be made in order to avoid excess charges from the end-of-lease inspection. They'll take care of making those repairs, at the most reasonable cost. Then they deliver the car back to the dealership or leasing company, and take care of all the paperwork. If the client is selling an old car, Ignition will place and manage advertisements, show the car to potential buyers, bring the offer to the client, and handle the entire DMV transaction.

Once a client has approved their new car's options and price, Ignition can set up any after-market accessories they could want...including window tinting, custom wheels, cell phone service and custom installation, stereo equipment, GPS systems and even DVD players.

When the car is perfect, Ignition finalizes the financing, handles the registration, picks up your new car, and delivers it to your door. Your consultant personally gives you the same full orientation a dealer would: teaching you how your new car works, all the troubleshooting tricks, and how to use all the toys you've selected. All you have to do is sign on the dotted line, write out the check, and put the key in the ignition.

Need car insurance, or to change a current policy to include the new car? Ignition takes care of that too. And in case of an accident, your consultant will bring a rental car to the scene of the crash (a high-line vehicle, always comparable to your own car), handle getting your car towed or driven to a body shop they deal exclusively with, make the insurance claim, and facilitate any needed repairs. Then they'll bring your car, as good as new, right back to you.

Beyond that, the car is taken care of for as long as you own it. If it needs routine servicing, oil changes or new tires, Ignition not only takes care of the service itself, but gets discounts on non-warranty items and educates the client about what needs to be done to their vehicle and why.

Ignition also offers "out-of-town services", like driving, washing and gassing your car for you before you get home. In fact, every time they service your car, it will be returned to you having been meticulously washed, and the gas tank filled (client pays those costs).

In the driver's seat at Ignition, Robin Spector has been working as an auto consultant for ten years. Despite obtaining her law degree, Spector decided she had found her passion as an auto consultant. And with countless new ideas, she began her own company, Ignition Auto Consulting, LLC.

- Every deal is customized for the client, so prices vary.
Note: Fees for selling an old car or returning a lease vary.

- Detailing: $199.00 -$250.00
- Rental car: $50 and up - per day (depending on type of car)

For more information, call 818-762-8999, fax 818-762-3999, e-mail Robin@ignitionauto.com

or check out the Ignition Auto Consulting, LLC website at www.ignitionauto.com

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